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Step into the National Children’s Science Centre, your portal to the marvels of science and the thrill of discovery. Here’s an outline of some of the exciting experiences that will await our visitors:

Showcasing Science and Innovation

Little girl and boy make soap bubbles

Three Floors of Interactive Exploration

The NCSC's three floors will offer interactive experiences across themed zones.


These zones will include areas dedicated to different scientific fields such as environmental science, human biology, physics, and technology, providing hands-on opportunities to explore and understand scientific principles.

Earth and solar system planets, sun and star.

122-Seat Digital Planetarium

The NCSC's planetarium will allow visitors to embark on virtual journeys through the cosmos, experiencing space flight and visiting new worlds. We will also explore the intricacies of the Earth's structure, the building block of life, DNA, and much, much more.


With state-of-the-art technology, these shows will be visually stunning and educationally enriching, bringing the wonders of the universe closer to the audience.

Boy with his father watching big screen
The Science Theatre

The NCSC's Science Theatre will host a variety of shows, talks, and presentations.


These will range from live science experiments and demonstrations to engaging talks by experts, aimed at making scientific concepts accessible and exciting.

Diverse kindergarten students learning energy producer from solar windmill in science class

Educational Classroom Areas

The classroom areas will include a fully-equipped laboratory where students and visitors can participate in hands-on experiments and workshops, fostering a deeper understanding of scientific methods and concepts.

Child studying electrical discharges in a lab

Space for Globally Significant, Rotating Exhibitions

This area will host a variety of temporary exhibitions. These will range from historical, scientific artifacts to contemporary science and technology displays, offering visitors new and exciting experiences with each visit.


Many of these exhibits will also travel throughout Ireland ensuring nationwide engagement.

Child reading a book on the library

Café and Gift Shop

The NCSC will have a café where visitors can relax alongside a gift shop offering a range of science-themed souvenirs, books and educational materials, allowing visitors to take a piece of their learning experience home.

Business people talking and holding champagne during corporative party

Corporate Venue Hire

The NCSC can offer its space for corporate events, workshops, and training days, providing a unique and stimulating environment for professional development and corporate gatherings.

Genetic research and Biotech science Concept

A Powerful Immersive, Interactive Celebration of Science and Technology

The centre will become a hub of interactive learning and excitement, crafting unforgettable experiences that blend entertainment with education.

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