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Here, leaders, educators, and community members share their support for this vital project. These endorsements highlight the NCSC's importance in shaping a scientifically literate and innovative future, emphasizing the need for a dedicated science centre to inspire the next generation in Dublin. 

Professor William Campbell, Nobel Prize Winner

‘I rejoice in the creation of the National Children's Science Centre. Growing up in a small rural Irish country town, I heard and saw nothing of science until I was years old. Long may it flourish.’

Sir Jony Ive, Former Apple chief designer, Chancellor of Royal College of Art

‘Curiosity and inquisitiveness always precede a significant idea and significant ideas can change the world.’

Dara O'Briain, Broadcaster and Comedian

‘Dublin is long overdue a centre for science and wonder like we see in cities all over the world. It would be about Space, about biology, about volcanoes and dinosaurs. It would be a place where we can get young minds, engage them, inspire them and finally put the sciences on the same footing in Ireland as literature, music and the arts. So, if you’ll excuse the pun, it’s about time.’

Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Astrophysicist, Discoverer of Radio Pulsars

‘COVID has shown us how important science is - to control pandemics, to enable us to communicate with each other. Science is a 'must' for every young person today, and increasingly in the future. The National Children's Science Centre will excite interest in science and aid understanding of it.’

Professor Luke O’Neill, Trinity College

‘If Dublin really is to be the city of the future, we need a science centre for our children, to inspire future generations to be world leaders, in a world where science will be needed more than ever, and where scientific literacy will be essential to cope with the challenges ahead…….’

The Edge, Musician and Activist

‘An Interactive Science Centre is essential to the development of a society moving forward at warp speed. We need to open the door to the creative thinkers of the future.’

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