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Presidio delivers new digital workspace solutions to the National Children's Science Centre (NCSC)

3 July 2024 – A huge thanks to Presidio for providing The National Children’s Science Centre with digital workspace solutions. These new workspaces will enhance our team's efficiency and creativity, making our daily tasks smoother and more connected than ever before.

Anne-Louise Kelly, Project Director of the NCSC says, “We’re incredibly grateful for our partnership with Presidio and for their exceptional generosity. Our new digital workspaces are going to transform our working environment and significantly enhance the way we work and collaborate.”

Brid Graham, VP, Presidio, said “We are delighted to support the National Children’s Science Centre. This is not just a long-awaited resource for Ireland; it is a crucial development for nurturing young minds in science.”

Aisling Bolger, Head of Marketing, Presidio added, “The National Children’s Science Centre has all the right ingredients: lots of energy and passion, supported by a team of highly experienced professionals. We are very proud of our partnership with the NCSC and we are excited for the official opening of NCSC’s doors to our children in 2028 and to start inspiring a whole new generation of young scientists.

About Presidio: Presidio is a provider of IT enabled infrastructure, cloud, networking and security solutions. Presidio is one of the largest providers of digital workspace solutions to Multinational companies headquartered in Ireland. For more information, visit


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